Saturday, April 27, 2013

Last Stretch of the Dewey Readathon

Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles, #2)Hour 17 On page 137.  I'm still on sure of this book.

Hour 18 On page 194. I'm really tired. I don't know how much longer I can keep going. It is 10:27pm here. I think I might have to crack open my last Mountain Dew. I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't get me through the next few hours. Beautiful Darkness isn't a terrible book, it just takes so long to get to the meat of the story. I think being sleepy makes me a little more impatient. Well I'm headed to the fridge and back to reading.

Hour 19   Page 169. I'm still up and reading. I haven't cracked my last mountain dew. I will be though pretty soon. The book is getting a little bit more interesting. This is really good, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open.  I hope I am able to finish this book before the end of the Readathon.

Hour 20 Page 272
Hour 21 Page 332  I'm feeling a little more awake. It is 1:20am right now. My mind is blank. I guess I'm not as awake as I thought.
Hour 22 Page 377  It looks like I will finish reading this book just as the readathon comes to an end.
Hour 23  Page 429.  The book is getting close to ending. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. it is 3:10 in the morning.
Hour 24  I am just finishing the very last of this book.


  1. There's plenty more good reading to be had! You can do it :)

  2. How's it going? We are in the home stretch of Dewey's. I am trying to finish Blood Kin by Ceridwen Dovey.

  3. It's going ok. I will be trying to finish Beautiful Darkness before the time ends.