Monday, December 9, 2013

End of Year Read-a-thon

I just signed up for another Read-a-thon. I have really enjoyed doing them. My husband says I have an addiction to books. I figure as long as I'm not ignoring him and the kids my addiction is fine. 

This RAT is hosted by juliababyjenreadingroom and danasquare. The challenge starts to day December 9th through the 22nd.
The purpose of this challenge is to read as many books on your TBR pile before the end of the year. If you would like to participate enter here.

Here are a few books I might be reading.
 7864437  91475  Stake That (Blood Coven Vampire, #2)  12053537  10960383  19063    1984  13115995  544239  Dec 9th:
Pages read:115
Books read:
35 pages of Stake That and 80 pages of White Night 
Total pages to date:115
Total Books read to date:0

Dec 10th
Pages read: 336
Books Read:White Night by Jim Butcher
Total Pages to Date: 451
Total books read to date: 1

Teaser Challenge 
White Night by Jim Butcher
 Page 71

"He'd better not have!" I said. "I have given him years, years, and I will not be cast aside like last season's shoe'!" I shook my head and told the young cop, in an aside voice, "never date a beautiful man. It isn't worth what you have to put up with."
Top Ten Books I Read in 2013  The Host (The Host, #1)  12432220

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